Tuesday, March 15, 2016

3rd year Easter homework

Project work due Monday 4th April / Classwork for this Friday and Monday

1)    Step by step shape and line drawings showing the stages of your 3D piece construction.

·        Roughly 4- 6 shape and line drawings depending on what exactly you made / labelling using what.
·        Think back over your process – what did you do first, second, third etc?
·        Small clear drawings, no colour needed.
·        On blank paper not lined paper.
·        They will be going on your 3D prep sheet.

2)    Lino Print Prep Drawings

·        When we return after the Easter break we will only have 4 WEEKS to do all work for your lino and get the project finished. You must return with 6 prep drawings done so we can move straight into lino composition work. Aim for the following:
·        Choose a drawing from earlier in your project as your starting point that you have not yet used (it can count as one of your 6 to hand up) OR choose a completely new starting point developed on from your 3D piece.
·        Do more visual research if you need to – save any images you find / use
·        Try to complete the following using a variety of media

o   2 observational drawings
o   2 imaginary drawings

o   2 from visual images

Monday, March 14, 2016

2 nd year Glazed Pottery Birds

New Leaving Certificate Art: student experiences

Below is a link to a PDST video of a students experiences of the new Leaving Certificate art.

The current transition year students will be sitting this exam format.


Monday, March 7, 2016

Mirror Room Revamp

On behalf of the Smile Committee, four TY pupils gave the mirror room a bit of an upgrade last Tuesday 1st March. They painted the slogan "We're all in this together" and painted over the existing mirrors on the wall with brighter, more colourful and decorative designs. Well done to Susan Salinska, Bianca Cojacariu, Ciara Gallagher and Ruth Colbert on doing a great job! 

Team Dee Hearts

Many of the staff and students are making crochet hearts for team dee. If you would like to make some the pattern is below. Please drop any finished hearts into the office or give them to Mrs Arthurs.

Team Dee Hearts

Materials needed:

Red DK yarn
White DK yarn
4mm crochet hook
Darning needle

1.    Ch 2
2.    Ch 1, dc 2 in last st from hook. Turn. (2 st)
3.    Ch 1, dc in same stitch, dc 2 in last st. Turn. (4 st)
4.    Ch 1, dc in same stich, dc 1 till last st, dc 2 in last st. Turn. (6st)
5.    Ch 1, dc in nxt and following 4 stiches. Turn. (6st)
6.    Ch 1, dc in same stich, dc 1 till last st, dc 2 in last st. Turn. (8st)
7.    Ch 1, dc in nxt and following 6 stiches. Turn. (8st)
8.    Tr 5 in 2nd st from hook, sk 1, dc 1, sk1, tr 5 in same st, sk 1, sl st in last.
9.    Dc 6 down left of heart, dc 2 in bottom st, dc 6 up right of heart, fasten to top of 1st tr from last row.
10. Weave in threads.
1.    Join White, ch 3, sl st in next dc, ch 4.
2.    Continue round to dc between shells at top of heart.
3.    Sl st at either side of dc, continue as line 1.

4.    Fasten off with sl st and weave in ends.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Investigative Drawing

Below are drawing of two objects but each is drawn in a different way so that the object is explored and investigated visually.


1st year are beginning to learn the art of calligraphy. Above is the font roundhand which they will begin to learn, Below is a link to a video on how to set up your page, lines and basic letters.


Caravaggio : taking of Chriat Video

Masterpiece 10 - The Taking of Christ, 1602


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

1st Year Art Competition

Ms. Keogh's 1st Year Art class have entered a local art competition run by the northside education support network. The task was to create an image based on the theme of Easter or 1916. The entries look great girls, well done, and fingers crossed we have a winner in there somewhere!!!