Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ms. Keogh visits the Tate Modern in London

Ms. Keogh was in London last week and paid a visit to the Tate Modern art gallery. Below is a range of work that she saw by various modern artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Litchenstein, Piet Mondrien, and in particular some examples of Cubism by Pablo Picasso whose work the 5th years have just started studying in their art history classes. Of course there was also some very random pieces to see that can be a challenge for anybody to understand!!!

5th Year Lino Scheme

Ms. Keogh's 5th Year class worked on a lino scheme earlier this year. They were given a variety of themes from the last 3 years of Leaving Certificate craft papers - the block printing questions. The class worked very hard at the project and all completed a prep sheet, preliminary sheet and mounted their best two prints after their printing session. Good work girls, the end result was very successful with a great amount of variety between all of the prints.

TY Pop Art Portraits

The TY art class painted these Andy Warhol influenced self portraits back in January using bold and vivid acrylic paints.

Junior Cert Drawing Exam: Object List 2016

You must choose one object from the list below to draw in your drawing exam on Friday 6th May 2016.

Category A - Natural Forms

a chop or chicken drumstick
what I found under a stone
pasta shapes
bulb/s for the garden
a half pealed banana
fresh fruit
a slice of cake
fallen leaves or petals

Category B - Man made Forms

nail varnish bottles
padlock and keys
bike/motorbike parts
worn shoes/runners
fancy dress hat or mask
house cleaning implements
lino cutting or batik tools
puncture mending kit
body ornaments
my tootbrush and or toothpaste

Friday, April 15, 2016

Sistine Chapel

Image result for creation of adam


Above is a link to a virtual tour of the sistine chapel.