Monday, May 23, 2016

5th Year Dictionary Page Posters

As part of the PDST "Well Read" campaign Ms. Keogh's 5th years class created these dictionary page posters. The aim is for them to be displayed in the newly renovated library. Each pupil chose a word out of a hat. There were 22 words, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet. They researched their word and portrayed said word through drawing in a variety of mixed media onto the surface of a coffee stained dictionary page.

5th Year Observational Drawing

A selection of homework assignments completed by Ms. Keogh's 5th years in their sketchpads over the last year. The assignments included the following:

  • A folded shirt
  • A handful of nails
  • 3 pieces of pasta
  • Worn shoes / boots
  • A know in a tea towel or scarf
  • Scrunched up tinfoil

All drawings were completed in the media of choice by the pupils.

1st Year Keith Haring influenced lino prints

Visit to Tommy Craggs tree sculpture